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About Us

Persiana Media Group, a diverse media conglomerate, was established in 2016. The group engages in various sectors: television, radio, magazines, independent productions, and hosting cultural and artistic events, primarily in France.

These activities are designed to cater to the Persian-speaking community, both within and outside Iran. The media group, together with the Persiana Cultural Association, started its operations in Paris in 2015 under the leadership of its founder and CEO, Majid Yousefy.

This venture highlights their dedication to not just media but also cultural promotion, especially within the Persian-speaking community. Due to the increasing popularity of satellite media among Iranian families and their neighbors, Persiana Media Group serves as a powerful advertising platform, enabling businesses to reach a wide audience. They utilize the latest advertising methods to provide comprehensive services and facilities to businesses. Persiana Media Group is the most-watched Persian language media globally, with a remarkable viewership of 55 million Persian-speaking individuals.

Regarding social media, while specific data about their social media presence is not provided, their presence on YouTube suggests an effort to reach audiences through various digital platforms. Considering the groups extensive reach through satellite media, it can be assumed that their online presence is also significant.